Use IoT to Drive Business Outcomes

Webinar featuring Forrester: Use IoT to Drive Business Outcomes

Designing Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled products and environments is hard. The technology is extremely diverse and complex, the use cases are quite varied, the market conversation about IoT is very confused, security is paramount, the compatibility required with 3rd party products and cloud services is very broad, and deploying IoT breaks business models, reporting lines, and org structures.

How then should companies use IoT to drive business outcomes and customer success?

In this webinar, Forrester and Samsung will discuss the top challenges by faced by IoT product companies, especially on business models. We will present a framework for product development organizations to think about IoT capabilities and business value. Finally, Samsung will discuss how Samsung's ARTIK IoT platform with a focus on openness, interoperability, security, and most recently data monetization enables product OEMs to drive business outcomes and customer success.

Key topics of discussion:

  • Top IoT challenges faced by device manufacturers, especially on business models
  • Practical frameworks to understand core capabilities of IoT and business value
  • Importance of interoperability in driving business value
  • A new approach to monetize IoT data


Frank Gillett
Frank Gillett
VP and Principal Analyst
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Abhi Rele
Abhi Rele
Director, Product Marketing
Samsung Electronics
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