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Industrial gateways powered by Samsung ARTIK

ARTIK IoT modules power a variety of industrial gateways through which your intelligent devices can securely connect to the cloud.

Kitra GTI

All-in-one IoT gateway, edge computing, and sensor hub with I/Os for remote asset management and brownfield connectivity.

Based on the ARTIK 710 module. Works with ARTIK cloud services, Azeti, AWS, PTC, Mindsphere, ThingsBoard, MyDevices, Axon Predict and all the main CSP.

Target use: Industrial automation/manufacturing and commercial device operators.

Key features:

  • 4G LTE, GNSS for long range connectivity and location tracking
  • BLE,WLAN,ZB short range and embedded sensors
  • RS485 for fieldbus support, Ethernet, USB and HDMI for multimedia and communications
  • Accelerometers, gyroscopes and microphone for machine learning and predictive maintenance
  • Analog & digital I/Os for external sensors and actuators management

Availability: Buy from Arrow, Mouser, and Digikey

Read the use case: Intellisite Industrial IoT Platform

Beck IPC

On-premise cloud server for small scale industrial solutions

Based on the ARTIK 710s module with full security suite. Features Kolibri broker to connect to Beck com.tom cloud. Browser-based set up.

Target use: Industrial automation/manufacturing and commercial buildings.

Key features:

  • Multiple connectivity options (Ethernet port switch, wide range of fieldbus support, WLAN, UMTS/LTE/LTE-Cat M1 Cat NB1 (NB-IoT) communication)

Availability: Buy direct from Beck IPC

Shoreline IoT
iCast 2

IoT mini gateway that provides total end-to-end solution for remote asset monitoring and predictive maintenance of legacy industrial/commercial assets and sensors

Connect legacy products to cloud, gain visibility into asset health and utilization, local intelligence at edge.

Target use: Industrial automation/manufacturing, commercial buildings, indoor farming and greenhouses.

Key features:

  • Plug and play products with wide-range of protocols
  • Customizable HW/SW that enables remote configuration of various sensor/actuator profile
  • Edge data processing

Availability: Buy direct from Shoreline IoT

Read the use case: Shoreline iCast Wireless IoT Mini Gateway

Reliagate 10-7

Multi-service IoT edge gateway for industrial applications

Based on the ARTIK 530s module with full security suite. Comes with Everyware Software Framework and connectivity to Everyware cloud.

Target use: Industrial automation/manufacturing and smart buildings.

Key features:

  • Industrial-grade design, with wide range power supply and wide operating temperature
  • Carrier-certified LTE,  BLE, Wi-Fi, Zigbee and GbE connectivity 
  • Optoisolated digital I/O and analog In, RS-232/485.
  • Support for many fieldbus protocols
  • Expansion options

Availability: Buy directly from Eurotech (available Q4 2018) or from Mouser (available Q1 2019, US only)

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