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Smart Business Gaining an Edge Through IoT-Powered Sustainability

  • Chapter 1
    Small Business, Big Impact
  • Chapter 2
    Barriers and Opportunities
  • Chapter 3
    Reduce Energy with IoT
  • Chapter 4
    Save Fuel with IoT
  • Chapter 5
    Conserve Water with IoT
  • Chapter 6
    Competitive Differentiation
  • Chapter 7
    Resources for Success
Darren Beck

Darren Beck

Darren Beck is a professional with more than 25 years of combined experience in business development, strategy, technology, sustainability, and shared value.

In addition to writing about green practices in IoT for O'Reilly Media, Darren serves as Director of Environmental Initiatives for Sprint, where he has helped the company to gain recognition as the most eco-focused wireless carrier in the US.

At Sprint, he is responsible for driving innovation that reduces environmental impact while enhancing the company's reputation and its bottom line. Darren is also an Advisory Board Member for DaVinci Global, an organization designed to be the world's leading source of insights into nature-inspired design for innovation, business, and finance. He holds and MBA from the University of Kansas and a Bachelor's of Science in Mass Communications and Business from Baker University. Follow him on Twitter @DarrenBeck for the latest news on sustainability, technology, and ideas for making the world a better place.

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