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Providing product engineering, cloud and mobility services from concept to roll-out


VOLANSYS is a Silicon Valley based product engineering and digital transformation company offering embedded systems, digital networking, internet of things, cloud and mobility solutions from concept to roll-out. Since 2008, VOLANSYS has been powering enterprises worldwide to engineer smart connected products and applications at faster time to market and lower total cost of ownership. With 50+ products implemented, 300+ employees and 9+ industry-standard reference platforms including Modular IoT Gateway and HomeBridge™, VOLANSYS is recognized as “20 Most Promising IoT Companies” by CIO Review. VOLANSYS is headquartered in the USA with in-house product design and development centers in India.

VOLANSYS system integration services help OEM and enterprises to connect various sensors and connectors built using Samsung ARTIK modules to cloud platform to mobile applications for various solution use cases such as Industrial IoT, Asset Management, Building Automation, Automotive, Energy and Utility, Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail and more.

VOLANSYS and Samsung ARTIK have joined forces to offer following services to help bring IoT implementation ideas from concept to prototype to production in less time and overall system cost.

• End Node Device Engineering

Develop IoT Sensor Device, End Node using VOLANSYS Services and ARTIK modules. This service includes, End Node Device Building, Smart Accessories based on ARTIK 05X Modules, End node product prototype development including PCB Design, custom hardware prototype building, power and memory budgeting, interface development, BOM – Bill of Material optimization, and mechanical enclosure and Embedded firmware development, Embedded application development by leveraging Samsung ARTIK Module 05X family and cloud communication.

• Custom IoT Gateway Engineering

Build powerful IoT Gateway, Fog Computing Devices, Edge Computing with multiple wireless protocols and multimedia capabilities using Samsung ARTIK 520, 530, 710 or other more hardware modules from Samsung ARTIK for solutions such as Industrial IoT, Building Automation, Asset Management and more.

• ARTIK Cloud Connector

Connect Samsung ARTIK Cloud with existing or third-party cloud based platforms or APIs such as Salesforce, SAP, CRMs, ERPs, Alexa, and more to leverage IoT in to your existing business models. Extend the functionalities of IoT implementation for immersive user experiences and Enterprise IoT with developing a cloud connectors between ARTIK Cloud and other third party or proprietary cloud.

• Mobile Application Development

Android and iOS mobile application development services using Samsung ARTIK Mobile SDKs with features such as device commissioning, device control, real-time notifications, customizable rules engine and more.

• Product-level Certifications and Compliances

Product-level certifications services for various certifications such as FCC, IC, CE, RoHS, FDA, Zigbee, Z-wave and compliances such as HIPPA.

• Quality Engineering

Manual and automated Quality Engineering services for products, embedded software, software services, cloud integrations and mobile applications.

With proven expertise in end-to-end product engineering services from prototype development to mass production, VOLANSYS is natural choice as a one stop solution provider with services covering hardware selection and engineering, PCB board design, embedded software development, Mobile Application, Cloud integration of 3rd party APIs/solutions, quality engineering, certifications and compliance, production support and sustenance.

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