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Ubuntu by Canonical


Ubuntu Core, is a stripped down version of Ubuntu, designed to run securely on autonomous machines, devices and any internet-connected things. An open source Operating System for IOT, Ubuntu Core offers unique features such as: separation of OS and application files to securely add multiple apps on a single device; reliable atomic transaction upgrades for apps and Operating System; and a white-label appstore for all devices. Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, has published developer images of ‘snappy’ Ubuntu Core optimized for the Samsung ARTIK 5 and 10 modules. These images allow developers to quickly develop secure, easy to deploy and easy to maintain solutions using Samsung ARTIK. Ubuntu Core offers a set of features particularly suited to these solutions:

  • Safe, reliable, transactional updates with tests and rollback
  • Applications confined by Canonical’s AppArmor kernel security system
  • Signature authentication of all apps code
  • Amazing developer experience with Snapcraft to simplify the building and packaging of apps.

Canonical offers OEMs, device makers and IoT innovators a trustworthy, long-term commercial partner with whom to build their devices, while Ubuntu Core offers OEMs and device owners solutions for secure, future proof, no “truck-roll” IoT deployments. It also offers hardware makers solution for innovative IoT business models based on recurring software revenues. Canonical has been working with a number of IoT players to help them deliver secure and innovative solutions including DJI, Dell, GE and more.