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Platform for the Business of Things™


Reekoh is the leading open integration platform (iPaaS) purpose-built for the IoT.

Powered by the Plugin Store marketplace, Reekoh securely and intelligently integrates data from IoT devices with the largest collection of enterprise gateways, cloud platforms, tools and services. Using the visual Pipeline Studio™ tool, users can drag and drop integrations, data enrichment services, data converters, filters, device command triggers and more to design complex data workflows from device to endpoint.

Samsung ARTIK plugins are available in the Reekoh Plugin Store, alongside 100+ other integrations. This allows customers to use ARTIK device data with their existing enterprise business systems and tools – reducing new IoT system investment and training costs, and allowing best-of-breed solution architecture.



Marketing One-Sheet

A high level overview of Reekoh and the value of integration to IoT solution providers.

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