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Ramp  small inc is a Industrial/Enterprise IoT solutions & professional services company


IoT & digitization present an unprecedented opportunity for businesses worldwide; opportunity to be operationally efficient, improve customer experience and grow new revenue streams. ​ However, biggest challenge for successful implementation of IoT is that one size doesn't fit all. Each customer is unique; what sensors to deploy where, how to connect to network, what business process to digitize, workflow and the RoI, is unique to each customer. provides IoT solutions and services for ramping up your journey to digitization. team is as diverse as technologies in a fully implemented IoT solution. Our team consists of experts in business and engineering with experience in building and launching innovative products at HP, Cisco, Micron, Evernote, Sun and Accenture

Our expertise in last mile connectivity to physical, legacy, dumb assets using standard off devices, Protocols and sensors along with IoT Platforms, cloud, APIs & analytics differentiates us from our competitors.

We focus on 3 verticals Industrial/Manufacturing , Medical Equipment and Buildings.

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