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Connecting the companies with their customers using mobile messaging


The world’s leading brands use our mobile messaging solutions (SMS, MMS, RCS) to be useful, be responsive and be there for millions of customers worldwide – in exact places and precise moments – what we call Empathetic Interactions.

ARTIK along with OpenMarket’s global, mobile messaging, enables IoT solutions to communicate and engage with customers and employees, bringing the full value of connected services and automated communications together. Solutions range from simple text notifications to complex, logic based two-way interactions. OpenMarket supports short codes, long codes, alpha-numeric, and text-enabled toll-free numbers. Our partners are able to quickly deploy solutions by integrating our messaging API with existing engagement platforms, or by designing turnkey use cases via the drag-and-drop interface in our Mobile Engagement Platform. OpenMarket services are geo-redundant, highly available and ISO27001 certified, all backed by our enterprise grade 99.99% SLA.


OpenMarket SMS Messaging Empathetic Interaction

Okay, here’s a kind of important thing. This circle is your company. And this one is one of your customers. When they touch, that’s a customer interaction. Some interactions are happy ones. (That’s great). And others are frustrating. (Not so great). Okay. Say you thought of a fantastic way to delight your customers. To surprise them with a real moment of empathy. But to do it, you need a reliable, friendly way to reach them – right now. You can’t email them – we all get too much email. And you can’t just call them. Too intrusive. Too unreliable. Here’s what some of the worlds’ best brands do: They send an automated text message. A short, simple, friendly alert or reminder or special offer. Delivered at exactly the right moment. And opened instantly, every time. Because text is personal, just-in-time and opt-in, customers love it. And because it’s automated – you can scale from one empathetic interaction with one customer… …to millions of surprising, thoughtful, helpful, timely, instant, interactive, relevant, delightful interactions with every one of your customers. The Empathetic Interaction. Only automated text can do it. And only OpenMarket has mastered it on a global scale. Cool, right

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