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L&T Technology Services


L&T Technology Services offers a wide range of innovative services around Digital Engineering encompassing Smart Products, Smart Services, Smart Manufacturing and Smart Operations. The company’s core strength lies in its deep engineering expertise, extensive product development infrastructure, built-in platforms and automation frameworks. There are over 30 R&D labs catering to the smart needs of different industries.

L&T Technology Services helps customers build innovative IoT products through its expertise in smart hardware, software, firmware and RF design. Products are designed for ultra-high performance, minimal power usage, and 24/7 connectivity to your smart ecosystem. In addition, the company has built a highly customized device-to-cloud platform. This platform helps businesses rapidly engineer their very own IoT ecosystem using any combination of devices, communication protocols and applications. The platform saves up to 30% development effort and 6-9 months of cycle time.

By leveraging the flexibility, advanced security and multimedia features of the ARTIK platform, L&T Technology Services can build fascinating new possibilities for your business.


Architecting the New Smart

Evolving trends in business and technology are changing the world we live in. Only those with a track record of driving innovation and adopting new technologies can make a difference.