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Kalpa srl

Developing and delivering the best solutions through innovation, passion and quality


Kalpa has grown a strong reputation by delivering innovative solutions through services that cover competencies in hardware design, firmware and software development, mobile apps, cloud and IoT systems. Their mission is to deliver the best solution for clients, transferring them the Intellectual Property.

With its headquarter near Milan, Kalpa employs a great team of experts, who constitute one of the company’s major assets. Kalpa’s quality system complies with ISO9001:2008.

The company is organized in 3 operative lines: Hardware & Firmware, Software & Mobile, Cloud & Web. Kalpa is organized in cross-skill teams to develop innovative solutions in different markets such as medical device, wearable, automotive, railways, home automation, industrial automation, energy control and electronic devices.

In particular, Kalpa has wide experience creating custom Linux BSP for custom boards based on ARTIK, like they have done for the Kitra line (custom carrier boards for ARTIK modules).

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