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Product engineering services for consumer and industrial IoT, ADAS, and telematics.


Innominds works with OEMs in helping design, prototype, validate and commercialize devices/solutions in the consumer IoT, industrial IoT and automotive verticals.

Our DNA is in working with platform software, DSPs, GPUs, RTOSes, apps processors, baseband processors (2/3/4/5G modems), connectivity (wifi and BLE 4.0/5.0), device drivers, multimedia subsystems, camera subsystems, audio and video codecs, secure boot loaders, image stabilization, firmware development, device driver development, kernel programming, Linux and Android BSPs, integrating 3rd party middlware, cross platform mobile application development, edge compute solutions, and cloud services.

Innominds provides customer engineering for OEMs who are considering using the ARTIK platforms; we can take a reference design/development kit and make bespoke changes to optimize the BOM, optimize the platform software, develop custom applications, and help the OEM launch the device on a number of mobile operator networks worldwide.

Innominds brings significant expertise in wearables, smart speakers, IoT gateways, industrial sensor fabrics/gateways, ruggedized mobile compute devices, surveillance cameras, AR/VR headsets, and healthcare devices.

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