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InfiniFlux: Innovative DBMS for IoT Gateways


InfiniFlux is a database management system (DBMS) provider which specializes in processing IoT and Sensor data in real-time for IoT Gateway.

In the era of IoT and BigData world, it became essential to process and analyze IoT data in high speed. Optimized for characteristics of IoT data, InfiniFlux provides an innovative DBMS solution. InfiniFlux has enabled real-time data processing and is an ideal solution for businesses generating big data. The user friendly architecture helps system managers, developers and analysts use it immediately without a steep learning curve. InfiniFlux ensures its compatibility with conventional SQL queries and other analyzing tools.

For IoT developers time matters. The ARTIK module integrated with InfiniFlux DBMS is a suitable solution for database analysts who are seeking fast-data process and analytics for IoT applications.

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