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The Interface of Things


Dizmo is a multi-purpose Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) to solve human data interaction at the front-end of your IoT stack. Dizmo surfaces microapps, microservices and data from connected things onto a unified workspace, breaks the data siloes, and integrates, interoperates and orchestrates to make the UX more “userable” – more humanly intuitive. We feel data interaction in the age of the IoT should transition from technology-literate people to people-literate-technology. At dizmo, we “consumerise” technology.

The dizmo Interactive Workspace offers a series of front-end data consumption techniques that traditional static mashed-up dashboards do not have. Agnostically sourcing data from the ARTIK bridge, the SmartThings or the ARTIK Cloud as required onto a Unified Surface, dizmo and ARTIK are able to achieve an end-to-end IoT usability offering which is transversal, cross-industry, ready for IoT solution-makers to employ for superior value-add.


Dizmo for Samsung ARTIK

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