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Crosser Technologies

Crosser – Fog Software. Intelligence at the Edge


Crosser's software enables advanced Edge/Fog Computing for hardware, machine, and equipment manufacturers that are built with Samsung Artik. Edge Computing enables intelligent data collection for Predictive Maintenance, ultralow latency for M2M communication, integration of IoT and Enterprise systems in real-time and many other use cases.

Crosser works like a toolbox for our partner community. Simplifying integration, design, and deployment of any IoT solution. With an agnostic approach to protocols, systems, and platforms – Crosser shortens time to market for Enterprise and Industry IoT projects.

Crosser Edge Node Crosser offers an Intelligent Edge Node tailored for the Industrial IoT. Which enables real-time analytics, simplifies data collection and integration. Allows you to monitor, analyze and act on streaming data with ultralow latency.

Parse gigabyte of data with only a few megabytes of memory. Embedded in the machine, a raspberryPI or run in your gateway. Runs on Linux, Unix or Windows.

Crosser Flow Studio - the visual design tool Use the pre-built library of flow modules in Crosser Flow Studio or build custom modules for your requirements. No developer needed. The module-based architecture and open SDK makes it easy to design and deploy any IoT data flow.

Crosser Edge Director - the management and orchestration system The Edge Director centralize mass control of your IoT solution. Policy Management and Zero-Touch Provisioning. Automated and smart mass updates. It keeps your life cycle cost low and your operation streamlined.



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Introduction to Crosser Edge Node and Products.

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