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Cirrus Logic, Inc.

Far-field voice solutions for speakers, appliances, and other consumer products


Cirrus Logic is the leading supplier of audio signal processing products – from voice capture to audio playback – found in today’s high-demand mobile and consumer applications. With a complete portfolio of products throughout the audio signal chain, Cirrus Logic’s best-in-class, ultra low power ICs and patented SoundClear® software technology elevate the listening experience for the user by enhancing voice quality, voice capture, speech recognition, and audio playback. SoundClear software utilizes intelligent speech tracking and adaptive processing to explore speech patterns and environmental conditions, and provides advanced processing features such as noise suppression, echo cancelation and virtual surround sound. The result is self-adjusting algorithms that emphasize voice quality, whether in a quiet room or the noisiest vehicle. The SoundClear® algorithms also deliver consistent audio performance with automatic microphone calibration, automatic level control and automatic volume control.

Cirrus Logic understands how the quality and clarity of the audio signal chain defines the total user experience. Whether it’s a smartphone conversation in a noisy bar, listening to jazz through wireless headphones, or watching a favorite Hollywood release on a tablet, Cirrus Logic’s best-in-class hardware and software delivers industry-leading voice quality, speech recognition and high-fidelity playback

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