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Calsoft is a leading provider of IoT Engineering services with expertise in design and development of IoT applications and products to drive growth for our clients. Leveraging our extensive experience in Storage, Networking, Virtualization, Cloud, Big data, IoT and Machine Leaning domains, we work across the product lifecycle to help companies of all sizes architect and create customer-focused solutions with leading edge technologies. Calsoft’s device-to-cloud IoT CoE helps clients conceptualize use-case scenarios and build customer centric IoT solutions using any combination of devices, communication protocols and applications. We specialize in designing and developing new IoT applications and as well as integrating into existing systems for faster time to market and lower total cost of ownership. We leverage our extensive experience in integrating and deploying various platforms, devices, network protocols, gateways as well as analytics stacks to provide complete solutions at all layers of an IoT project. We partner with product and platform providers to augment their products in the machine-to-machine ecosystem while delivering a smart connected experience for enterprises with a high focus on security.
As Samsung ARTIK certified solutions partner, we design and rapidly deliver tailored IoT solutions across connected products, infrastructure and operations to deliver connected user experiences and new sources of revenue.

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