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Protected Communications

Security lies at the core of trustworthy IoT solutions. Without adequate communications security, attackers may intercept or modify traffic between IoT devices or between devices and the cloud. They may also be able to send unauthorized commands or events to IoT devices.

The Samsung ARTIK Smart IoT platform provides a full solution for secure communications between ARTIK-based devices and between ARTIK Smart IoT Modules and the Samsung SmartThings cloud. It also provides all the necessary software stacks and protocols for providing connectivity security to other IoT products and services.


One of the most important requirements of communication security is encryption. ARTIK uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) and industry-standard cryptographic algorithms to protect communication between devices and the cloud. ARTIK modules also provide hardware acceleration (Crypto Engine) for AES and RSA encryption and decryption. Additionally, the ARTIK platform uses Elliptic Curve Diffie–Hellman (ECDH) for session encryption key generation, which provides a high level of protection with low power consumption.


Another key to secure communications is authentication. The ARTIK platform utilizes the Samsung Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to generate and apply unique certificates and key pairs on each ARTIK IoT module during manufacturing, and on each cloud endpoint facing devices.

The PKI standard defines a set of roles, policies, and procedures to create, manage, distribute, use, store and revoke digital certificates used as basis for authentication of TLS sessions. ARTIK uses certificate authorities to validate different levels of certificates.

protected communication
Protects data communications with integrated PKI and per-device key certificates

Easy secure onboarding

The ARTIK platform facilitates the onboarding process with secure device registration (SDR), which uses strong mutual authentication between a gateway device and the cloud registration servers. Authentication is based on SHA256_ECDSA X.509 certificates for both devices and servers as part of a mutual TLS handshake.

To ensure the integrity of the certificate-based TLS authentication, ARTIK devices and servers are provisioned with certificates from a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) as a root of trust for the ARTIK ecosystem. Furthermore, ARTIK devices are equipped with secure storage to protect the factory-provisioned keys and assist TLS authentication as a session key generation using secure APIs.

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