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Samsung ARTIK Edge-to-cloud Security

Protecting your IoT products from end-to-end requires three key components: device protection and trusted code execution, secure communications, and secure storage.

Device Protection and Secure Code Execution

Samsung ARTIK security begins at the device level with device protection and trusted code execution built into a hardware Secure Element. Each Secure Element is injected at the factory with a unique ID that is protected by tamper-resistant hardware. This ID can—much like a birth certificate—prove a chip’s identity throughout its useful lifetime.

In addition, Samsung ARTIK Smart IoT Modules include hardware network connections, antennas, radios, power supplies and components. Every system module component is sourced from a trusted supply chain.

The Samsung ARTIK key management service (KMS), which makes code signing easy, guarantees the identity of the software running on the ARTIK IoT module. Code signing and secure over-the-air (OTA) updates ensure that only signed, authentic code can be run on ARTIK devices.

As a result, ARTIK protects both hardware and software with unique IDs. ARTIK-based devices use secure boot to ensure they only run software from authorized sources. Hackers cannot run modified or malicious software on ARTIK devices even if they gain access to the device at the OS level.

artik security overview
Samsung ARTIK security enables trustworthy end-to-end protection for IoT

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Secure communications with the cloud and other devices

Without adequate communications security, hackers may intercept or modify traffic between IoT devices or between devices and the cloud. They may also be able to send unauthorized commands or events to IoT devices. 

The Samsung ARTIK platform secures communications between different ARTIK-based devices and between those devices and the SmartThings cloud. ARTIK communications are encrypted using transport layer security (TLS), industry-standard cryptographic algorithms, and mutual authentication using a shared root of trust. ARTIK devices communicate with ARTIK gateways using built-in link layer security. ARTIK cloud services incorporate Secure Device Registration (SDR), which relies on strong mutual authentication between a gateway device and cloud registration servers.

ARTIK also provides application-level security by adding datagram transport layer security (DTLS) when needed.

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Secure storage

IoT applications need to secure sensitive data, including access tokens, keys, or user data stored locally on the module. ARTIK provides a Secure OS option as well as secure software to store data safely on the device or run secure applications. Data confidentiality is assured by certified encryption, and the Samsung SmartThings cloud is GDPR-ready. ARTIK also provides a software interface to enable many common security operations.

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