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Samsung ARTIK IoT Security

Security built in from the ground up and end-to-end

It's in our DNA

It seems every week brings news of yet another attack on Internet of Things (IoT) devices – security cameras, baby monitors, factory controls, connected automobiles, and more. These attacks not only cost businesses and their customers time and money, but reputation and market value.

We believe you shouldn’t have to lay awake at night wondering if your company will be the next headline. That’s why high-end security is built into the DNA of the Samsung ARTIK IoT platform, not bolted on at the last minute.

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Protecting your IoT project from end-to-end

Securely exchanging data with the cloud and other devices

ARTIK devices communicate with ARTIK gateways using common, open-standard IoT protocols with built in link layer security. ARTIK also provides application level security by adding DTLS when needed.

For application layer security, HTTPS is augmented on the ARTIK 053, 520, 530, and 710 Modules with unique certificates, loaded into secure hardware on each module during manufacturing.

Executing software and getting updates only from authorized sources

ARTIK modules have capability to secure boot so they run only software from authorized sources. This capability is set in the hardware during manufacturing which means that even if a hacker has access to the software, he cannot override it.

Securing data and software locally on the device

Some IoT applications need to secure sensitive data locally on the module. ARTIK provides a secure OS as well as secure software to store data safely on the devices. ARTIK also provides a software interface to enable many common security operations.

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