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How is Samsung ARTIK "future-proof"?

We use "future-proof" a lot. Here's what we mean.

future proofSaying anything is “future-proof” is pretty bold. But we think Samsung ARTIK has a combination of features that make this possible:

  • Samsung ARTIK cloud services have the capability to connect to many other devices and clouds quickly. This means that your future devices or features can be added to ARTIK cloud services just as easily as the ones you’re building now.
    Example: You want to launch a health offering measuring weight, blood pressure and blood glucose, but next year, you may want to add a different weight scale and also monitor temperature. Just update the ARTIK cloud services manifest for your device and the new device is compatible.
  • The ARTIK 020, 030, 053, 530, and 710 will be available for a minimum of five years (from 2017), so your supply chain is secure. 
  • Over-the-air updates through a secure chain, from ARTIK cloud services to ARTIK Modules means that you can have confidence that your future updates will make it without being compromised and your products stay up-to-date.

If you’re powering your current generation of IoT devices with your own cloud service or hardware base, Samsung ARTIK is ready to accommodate those products too, making it “past-proof” too. 

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