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Samsung ARTIK End-to-end IoT

Samsung ARTIK provides a complete, production-ready platform for you to build your IoT product line

Why "end-to-end" matters

Samsung ARTIK integrates all the components you need to bring your business into the world of the Internet of Things (IoT). We call it 'End-to-end IoT', and we’ve designed it to help you get to market faster, while securing your products and protecting your customers.

artik go to market

Get to market faster

Production-ready hardware, software, and cloud services speed development and deployment.

What is 'production-ready'?

Secure everywhere

Samsung ARTIK secures your products, data, and customers from end-to-end.

ARTIK IoT Security
future proof

Past- and future-proof

ARTIK cloud services give you the flexibility to integrate your existing products and integrate new ones.

What is "future-proof"?

One cloud. More options.

New SmartThings Cloud will unite all samsung cloud services including Samsung Connect Cloud, ARTIK Cloud and HARMAN Ignite into a single platform.

ARTIK cloud services

An open, unified set of key IoT features like user, data, and device management, a sophisticated orchestration engine, tight security and more. Most important, Samsung ARTIK cloud services allow developers to connect all devices and cloud services to each other.

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Samsung ARTIK Modules

Production-ready hardware to drive a wide range of devices, from tiny “things” to IoT hubs and gateways. We’ve pre-certified them to help you get through regulatory hurdles, and most modules include onboard, hardware-based security. ARTIK modules are tightly integrated with the Samsung ARTIK IoT platform.

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ARTIK Platform software and tools

Our platform takes care of tasks you might not have thought of – device onboarding, device management, and many other services necessary for deploying and managing IoT-connected products from end to end.

The ARTIK developer reference app
The ARTIK Integrated Development Environment
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ARTIK Partner Ecosystem

We’re building a growing family of partners to help you with custom engineering, system integration, and training. Let them help you bring your great ideas to life, so you can focus on your area of expertise.

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