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Samsung ARTIK Reference Mobile App

Give your customers a branded mobile experience

ARTIK End-to-end Device Management

One of the big challenges of IoT systems is connecting a new device to the cloud platform. It often takes the form of a mobile app that your customers run to add the new device. We refer to this as “onboarding” and to make it easier for you, we’ve developed a reference app that contains the basic functionality you’ll need.

Starting with our reference mobile app, you can create the branded experience you want your customers to have, without having to figure out the details of making connections from scratch.

As an added bonus, your developers can use the app as well to easily and securely onboard ARTIK modules to the
ARTIK cloud service, and control them out of box.

The reference app includes user controls, “easy onboarding”, and device control sections, and supports the ARTIK 0, ARTIK 5 and ARTIK 7 module families.

Download the app for Android
Download the app for iOS
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