Samsung ARTIK gives you tools to reduce your IoT product development timelines, getting your product to market faster. Our end-to-end ecosystem strategy means you don’t have to develop your own modules, network stack, or cloud on-boarding. You focus on the product or service you want to build.

Accelerate to market

Getting to market has traditionally been a long process. With Samsung ARTIK, our end-to-end ecosystem gets you past the tedious parts so you can focus on the job of developing your product.

Samsung ARTIK modules’ built-in network stack, software, and standard radios, plus a straightforward REST API for cloud services and native interfaces to iOS and Android, greatly reduce your investment in hardware, network, and cloud development.

Need a hand? Get a leg up on your project with our partners, specializing in development, integration, machine learning, speech recognition, sensors, and more. Each partner is chosen for their superior technology and seamless integration with the Samsung ARTIK ecosystem.

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Connect everything

ARTIK modules connect to ARTIK Cloud out of the box, enabling you to focus on building a better connected device experience for your customers. Connect your devices to other devices and applications, and offer new user experiences. Develop faster with easy to use, open APIs and powerful tools. Tap into new revenue streams and business models.

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Secure your future

Samsung ARTIK implements advanced security from the ground up. Our Cloud security ensures connected devices are genuine and authorized by the user. Modules incorporate a hardware secure element to protect the OS and applications, and an available Trusted Execution Environment protects code and data integrity.

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Scale your dreams

The Samsung ARTIK ecosystem was built from the very beginning with scale in mind. ARTIK modules are designed to be used at every stage of product lifecycle, from initial prototyping to production. ARTIK Cloud takes you from a few test devices to supporting millions of production units effortlessly. Go ahead, dream big!

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Artik Modules
From easy prototyping to advanced design, ARTIK modules come with network stack, built-in connectivity and an open software environment.
Artik Cloud
An open data exchange platform for the IoT: Connect siloed devices, services, and applications