The Samsung ARTIK family of IoT modules is designed to power a full range of IoT applications, from wearables to hubs, while keeping your data safe and secure.

Prototype quickly
Samsung ARTIK modules let you use the tools you are familiar with to prototype your product – no need to spend time coming up to speed with a proprietary toolset. Plus, you can leverage a variety of development libraries, including Arduino compatibility, to speed up your development. The Samsung ARTIK IDE, powered by Eclipse Che, gives you a powerful, online development environment to build your IoT applications. 
Integrate with ARTIK Cloud or any cloud
Samsung ARTIK modules are the perfect hardware companion to ARTIK Cloud. Together, they deliver an integrated platform optimized for IoT. But we don’t limit your options – ARTIK modules integrate with the cloud of your choice. For example, the modules are certified for Microsoft Azure for IoT.
Secure your product
Samsung ARTIK’s best-in-class security solution includes a hardware Secure Element (SE), with machine learning for anomaly detection, and a software Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) by Trustonic. Modules with the built-in hardware Secure Element have the ability to  execute a secure boot once the boot image has been authenticated. Secure communication and key management is managed by the Secure Element.

Scale from development to production
The ARTIK module you develop with is the same one you will take into production with you, so you don’t have to worry about subtle, or not so subtle differences between prototype and production hardware. And with Samsung’s legendary reputation with silicon, you can rest assured about production scaling as well.
Choose your module
The module you select will depend on your application. Click the links below to learn about each module and order your developer kit.
  • ARTIK 1 – Tiny, low power; the choice for end nodes
  • ARTIK 5 – Great balance of size and power; perfect for mid-range hubs
  • ARTIK 10 – The IoT powerhouse for centralized control of sensor networks