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Samsung ARTIK 0 Family

The Samsung ARTIK 0 family of IoT modules is designed to be tiny, specifically for the “things” in IoT. Whether you need Bluetooth®, ZigBee®, or Wi-Fi®, we’ve got a module for you.

Samsung ARTIK 020

Bluetooth® Smart-based IoT module for low power, single-function “things”, like door locks, lights, and sensors.

ARTIK 020 is a Bluetooth® module targeted for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) applications where reliable RF, low-power consumption, and industrial-grade application development are key requirements.

Key features

  • Integrated Bluetooth 4.2 Smart radio and antenna
  • Bluetooth smart connectivity stack included
  • Bluetooth and regulatory certified +8dBm Tx for longer reach
  • 13mm x 15mm

Target Applications

IoT sensors and end devices, including:

  • Health, fitness and Wellness 

  • Industrial, Home and Building Automation 

  • Lighting
  • Commercial and Retail


The Samsung ARTIK 020 Developer Kit helps you speed development of your Internet of Things (IoT) project. Powered either with a Micro-USB connector attached to your development computer or a CR-2032 button cell (not included), the Developer Kit includes:

  • One ARTIK 020 module, mounted to an interposer board
  • One ARTIK Developer Board
  • One USB cable


  • Built-in monochrome display
  • Onboard test buttons and LEDs (two each)
  • Expansion header

Development environment

The ARTIK 020 utilizes the Silicon Labs Simplicity Studio and IAR Embedded Workbench. Please visit these websites for current downloads, platform requirements, and tool costs.

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