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We believe IoT can solve a lot of the world’s biggest challenges, and Samsung ARTIK has you covered end-to-end.

Smart Home

Samsung ARTIK gives you maximum flexibility to connect all of your smart home elements to your services and applications quickly. Even your legacy connected products, including existing clouds, can talk to ARTIK. Users can securely add devices, then monitor and control them, and define rules and execute actions on specific events.

Our HIPAA-compliant ARTIK Cloud ensures users’ privacy, while our end-to-end security keeps things safe.

Smart Lighting

Lighting offers the ideal platform to enable the Internet of Things. Over the next 10 years, millions of lights will be converted to smart LED technology. With the convergence of the IoT and lighting, lighting will become an enterprise scale sensory network, offering additional services using data accumulated in the cloud.

The Samsung ARTIK platform’s end-to-end interoperability enables connection of smart luminaires, sensors, and lighting control panels to the ARTIK Cloud within minutes, for a secure integration of currently independent systems through a lighting network.

Smart Building

Ever-increasing and difficult-to-predict energy costs challenge virtually every type and size of building around the world. Building management decision makers need innovative solutions to drive down energy costs and meet corporate sustainability goals while maintaining a comfortable environment. Smart solutions will integrate and manage a wide variety of building control disciplines like HVAC, lights, blinds, safety, and equipment.

The Samsung ARTIK IoT platform was designed with building management control in mind. Hardware, software, and cloud components combine with easy-to-use APIs and leading-edge security to integrate currently-independent building automation systems quickly.


Lowering operational costs is a major driver in manufacturing: reducing machine downtime, increasing asset utilization, connecting shop floor and enterprise data silos together for realtime production and supply chain information.

Samsung ARTIK is the end-to-end, secure IoT offering for manufacturers — connectivity hardware, software, cloud, and ecosystem — that greatly simplifies IoT application development and shortens time-to-value.

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The growth of e-commerce is putting pressure on brick-and-mortar stores to provide a more compelling customer experience. Many retailers are also facing challenges implementing an effective omni-channel strategy.

Samsung ARTIK end-to-end platform helps retailers to connect their assets and optimize supply chain operations. ARTIK’s open, interoperable cloud also enables easy integration of new consumer devices and thus opportunities to improve and personalize the customer experience.

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Health and Wellness

Value-based healthcare, baby boomers, and individuals taking responsibility for their own health are driving a rapid increase in beneficial, but siloed technologies and services. Patients benefit if these disparate technologies can interact with each other, providing a more holistic view of their health and improving outcomes. Samsung’s secure, HIPAA-compliant ARTIK platform does just that.

ARTIK makes it easy to add new devices and services, communicate with other clouds, and break down silos by enabling everything on the ARTIK platform to intelligently interoperate.

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