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Cirrent ZipKey

Cirrent provides simple, secure Wi-Fi connection management, transforming the out-of-box experience with ZipKey. By partnering with large ISPs, Cirrent established a network of ZipKey hotspots that cover millions of homes.

  • Wireless Connection Manager

    Cirrent’s WCM is embedded code that goes inside the product, and implements all of the functionality necessary to ZipKey enable a product. Cirrent’s WCM is compatible with Linux, OpenWRT, and a variety of RTOS platforms. It is fully compatible and has been pre-integrated with Samsung ARTIK.

  • SDK

    Cirrent provides a rich SDK to make updating iOS and Android apps easy. This SDK handles all aspects of communicating with the Cirrent cloud and addresses the lifecycle events for WiFi connected products.

  • Developer Tools

    Cirrent’s Management Center provides a rich set of developer tools and testing frameworks to help developers get products and apps working quickly, and to simplify the whole integration process. Developers and support agents can also use the platform to see details about what is happening with specific products in the field, and continue to improve product performance.

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