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PTC ThingWorx

Purpose-built for the Internet of Things. Rapidly deliver innovative applications and connected solutions across markets ranging from manufacturing, energy, and food, to Machine-to-Machine (M2M) remote monitoring and service.


IoT Platform to Connect, Create and deploy IoT Solutions

ThingWorx™, a PTC (Nasdaq: PTC) business, provides the first Iot platform designed to efficiently build and run the applications of today’s connected world. ThingWorx’s model-based design and search-based intelligence simplifies application development efforts by minimizing cost, and risk while accelerating time to value. The ThingWorx platform combines the key functionality of Web 2.0, search, and social collaboration, and applies it to the world of “things”, including connected products, machines, sensors, systems, and industrial equipment. Businesses use the ThingWorx platform to rapidly deliver innovative applications and connected solutions across markets ranging from manufacturing, energy, and food, to Machine-to-Machine (M2M) remote monitoring and service, as well as in emerging Internet of Things applications, including smart cities, smart grid, agriculture, and transportation. The explosion of the Internet of Things (IoT) has created an unprecedented demand for IoT-enabled devices, services, and solutions. But the IoT is a new world, with its own challenges for developers, enterprises, and end-users alike as they seek to create, deploy, and integrate new technologies and solutions into their everyday lives. With the unlimited potential of the burgeoning IoT in their sights, developers are clamoring for the best tools and technologies that will enable them to create innovative solutions that harness the power of the smart, connected world. ThingWorx is a complete, end-to-end technology platform designed specifically for the Internet of Things. It empowers developers to connect, create, and deploy breakthrough, enterprise-ready IoT applications, solutions, and experiences. From connectivity, to machine learning to AR. ThingWorx connects to all of the ThingWorx components, providing a simplified, seamless approach for developers to create comprehensive IoT solutions.

ThingWorx Foundation

ThingWorx Foundation is the heart of the ThingWorx Platform, offering the industry’s deepest functional capabilities to connect, create, and deploy IoT solutions faster and more easily than ever before. Based on model-driven, rapid application design functionality, it eliminates the need for manual coding and provides flexible connectivity options that minimize integration work.

ThingWorx Utilities

ThingWorx Utilities provide device management capabilities to enable business users and developers to define, monitor, manage and optimize the performance of connected products. They are specifically designed to quickly develop, deploy, and deliver enterprise-ready IoT solutions.

ThingWorx Studio

ThingWorx Studio democratizes the creation of AR experiences for specific objects. It is a highly efficient and easy-to-use authoring tool for creating use-case specific experiences, which are delivered through ThingWorx View. Experiences built in ThingWorx Studio enable a composite view of digital and physical product data, dashboards, and alerts presented in 2D, 3D, and AR - without the need to write code.

ThingWorx Analytics

ThingWorx Analytics is designed to specifically tackle the volume, velocity, and variety challenges of IoT data analysis. Users can find the true value in the IoT data – to learn from the past, understand and predict the future, and make decisions to enhance outcomes. Sophisticated analytics are made available to users via simple, intuitive user interfaces with easy-to-understand information and visualizations.

Industrial Connectivity with Kepware

KEPServerEX® is the industry’s leading connectivity platform that leverages OPC and IT-centric communication protocols to provide a single source of industrial automation data to all applications. The platform design allows users to connect, manage, monitor, and control diverse automation devices and software applications through one intuitive user interface. This is critical in manufacturing settings with multiple machine vendors, industrial devices, and communication protocols.

Thing Model

Thing Model is the key to the ThingWorx IIoT Platform. It provides a consistent representation of “Things” to seamlessly tie all components of the ThingWorx platform (Foundation, Utilities, Analytics, Studio, KEPServerEX) into one. This increases development velocity and delivers solutions that are easier to scale and maintain.

Product Information
Supported stacks Azure stack; VMWare; Windows; Linux; Containers
Cloud ready software YES
Supported client platforms Android; iOS; Linux; Unix; Windows
Licensing model Subscription
White Label YES
Trial version available YES
Software Product Support
Available software support channels web-ticketing; other
Application Support Availability 24x7; Custom
Apps Onboarding
Trusted App YES
AppStore location DOCKER
Deployment Method Installer
Application Compatibility DOCKER
Minimum Compatibility Version 6.5
Minimum Compatibility Version Needed YES
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  • Monitoring Real-Time Energy Savings

    With over 50,000 district and industrial steam facilities in the U.S, steam systems are one of the largest energy consumers in the United States, representing almost 15% of the country’s annual energy usage. Embedded Energy Technology (EET), based in Pittsburgh, PA, is on a mission to not only save energy but to also prove it.

  • ThingWorx Platform Solutions for Oil & Gas Production

    Read this brochure to understand the challenges and opportunities associated with developing IoT solutions for the oil and gas industry. Learn about the power of an IoT platform like ThingWorx to maximize productivity and efficiency and reduce downtime.

  • Intelligent Farming with ThingWorx Analytics

    Z-Farms is a large farming cooperative specializing in almond production. The cooperative consists of many acres of land at 5 farms throughout California. Data points stream into the Z-Farm databases by the minute. Z-Farm has been using reporting dashboards to make sense of the many data points monitored throughout the farms.

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