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mnubo SmartObjects™

mnubo helps product manufacturers and service providers extract valuable insights from their connected product data by providing automated reports and dashboards that help understand product usage, performance, and other KPIs

  • Full IoT analytics data stack in one SaaS solution

    Does not require a long rollout plan or development skills. No vendor lock in. Big data storage and archival. Data cleanup and enrichment. Data visualization and reporting. Out of the box IoT specific insights. At scale historical, real time, and predictive insights. Data science as a service.

  • Instant and comprehensive view of any connected products

    Plug and play insights. Integrated view of data. Federated data sources. Support self-service.

  • Tailored to the entire product lifecycle

    Starter – products in beta

    Adopter – products in early deployment

    Growth – future generations of products

  • Transform Connected Product Data into Actionable Insights


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