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PlatformIO PlatformIO IDE

PlatformIO is an open source ecosystem for IoT development. PlatformIO IDE supports building embedded firmware for several Samsung ARTIK modules, most recently the ARTIK 053, which includes TizenRT framework support.

  • No-hassle Builds

    Pick your board, pick your framework, and sprinkle in your favorite libraries. The PlatformIO Core build system magically integrates dependencies and compiles your code against hardware-specific toolchains needed to support your project. Enjoy the flexibility to choose your favorite IDE, without the usual installation environment hassles.

  • Advanced Debugging, Unit Testing, and Remote Uploads

    PlatformIO Plus features give professionals the tools and confidence they need to engineer and maintain embedded software for commercial-grade, remotely deployed products.

  • Free, Open Source

    Look under the hood -- PlatformIO Core is open source. Download for free and go. You only pay if you need advanced PlatformIO Plus features and/or gauranteed response times for professional services and support.

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