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azeti Industrial IoT Kit

The azeti Industrial IoT Kit is designed to jumpstart IoT projects and to measure ROI on uses cases at a moderate price. It comes with basic hw and sw components to build a PoC / PoV, including 30 days free azeti Cloud Access.

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The industrial grade kit is the perfect base to jump start customers within IoT projects and to show typical use cases and capabilities. It includes all necessary components and builds a solid foundation to evaluate projects and requirements.

  • Ready in less than 30 minutes
  • Beautiful dashboards and graphs help you to demonstrate use cases around industrial IoT
  • No soldering or tinkering necessary, everything is setup and configured
  • Self contained and portable, use it on trade shows or demonstrate IoT easily for customers
  • Extend and customize to jump start IoT projects

Use Cases

  • Get started with industrial IoT, this package includes the whole IoT stack and allows you a hassle free entry.
  • Evaluate your own IoT use cases and use it as a base for your projects
  • Hands-on demo and training for engineers and sales teams
  • Extend the kit with more sensors and actuators with ease
  • Demonstrate IoT for customers and partners with this off-the-shelve package


  • Sensors and IoT Gateway
  • Free license of azeti Site Controller software running on the gateway for sensor connection and automation
  • First month free access to azeti's Managed IoT Cloud, see our pricing for available plans

Tech Specs

Temperature Sensor


Smart energy meter with multiple metrics

Modbus RTU, RS-485

Capacitive Position Sensor

Digital input

Magnetic Door Contact Sensor

Digital input

Switchable power socket

Digital Output

Switchable LED

Digital Output

Inputs & Outputs
  • 2 Spare Digital Inputs
  • 2 Spare Digital Outputs
  • 1 Spare Analog Outputs
  • 1 Spare RS-485 (Add sensors by daisy chaining)
  • 1 1-Wire connector to add sensors by daisy chaining
Length x Width x Height

271mm x 170mm x 90mm


~ 2,1 kg

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