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Comtech Telecommunications IoT Location Platform SDK

Comtech’s IoT Location Platform (ILP) Solution enables location on Samsung ARTIK devices.

  • Location Studio

    Comtech’s complete end-to-end location platform for mobile carriers, application developers and enterprises. The platform consists of multiple modular technology suites that provide a rich set of functionalities, including indoor and outdoor positioning, geolocation, forward and reverse geo-coding, mapping, search, routing, navigation, real-time message updates, and analytics.

  • IoT Location Platform

    Developed specifically to meet the needs of low-power, wide-area devices and multi-network communications, ILP enables multi-sensor hybrid indoor and outdoor location positioning and data assistance services for all IoT devices and applications. Advanced features include seamless outdoor to indoor location, industry leading minimal battery usage for location determination (no need for "always on" GPS), geo-fencing alerts and even the ability to know when a device is spoofing its location.

  • GeoSuite

    With Location Studio's GeoSuite, you can quickly build location based applications to include maps, search, geocoding, routing, and navigation. This platform will work across multiple operating systems and browsers, including mobile phones, tablets, wearables, desktops and even embedded devices.

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