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craft ai

craft ai is Artificial Intelligence, as a service. craft ai AI API enables your services to learn every day to provide a personalized experience to each user and automate complex tasks.

  • Home Automation Made Smart

    To go beyond simplistic remote control for their connected things and make their home actually smart, users are expected to manually author automation scenarios. Let’s get real, nobody wants to do that! With craft ai, it is easy to make any connected things automatically learn how to program itself based on user habits: the right interface is no interface!

  • Proactive Assistant

    Dashboards have been great companions for data visualization, but always fallen short of providing decision support capabilities. With the amount of IoT data growing faster than ever, dashboards must become proactive. craft ai makes it possible to automatically learn expertise and apply it to incoming data to automate knowledge work, help people make better decisions, faster.

  • Automated Machine Learning

    craft ai is the first high level API enabling Machine Learning at the individual level that generates whitebox decision models on the fly. We believe Artificial Intelligence is key to unlocking the potential of IoT... As long as AI is easy to integrate by developers and easy to trust by end-users, not a Black Box you have no control over.

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