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Seeed Grove Base Shield V2

Connect 1 shield to your ARTIK board and get multiple Grove connectors for diverse purposes

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It is sometimes frustrating when your project requires a lot of sensors or LEDs and your jumper wires are in a mess. The purpose of creating the Grove – Base Shield is to help you getting rid of bread board and jump wires. With the rich grove connectors on the base board, you can add all the grove modules to the ARTIK developer kit very conveniently!

The board comes with 16 Grove connectors. On the board you can also see an RST button, a green LED to indicating power status, ICSP pin, a toggle switch and four row of pinouts. There is no need to explain the RST button and LED, but you really need to know below two features that is very important for your usage.

Currently only ARTIK 053 and 520 have the Arduino connector on our developer board.

Tech Specs

Analog Connectors

4 connectors

Labeled A0/A1/A2/A3

Digital Connectors

7 connectors

Labeled D2/D3D4/D5/D6/D7/D8

UART Connectors

1, labeled UART

I2C Connectors

4, labeled I2C

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