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Anodot Ltd. Anodot AI-powered Analytics

Anodot illuminates data blind spots with AI analytics, so you will never miss another business incident.

  • Actionable insights

    Detect the anomalies that matter in your ARTIK data, identify why they are happening so you can resolve them quickly.

  • Illuminates data blind spots

    Isolates issues and correlates them across multiple parameters in real time, eliminating insight latency.

  • Built-in data science

    Automated machine learning algorithms continuously analyze all ARTIK data.

  • Real-Time Anomaly Detection and Analytics for Today’s Digital Business White Paper

    In this White Paper, Jason Bloomberg – a leading industry analyst and globally recognized expert on agile digital transformation – takes a closer look at how real-time anomaly detection is a game changer for digital technology companies.

    All of today’s digital businesses deal with increasingly massive, diverse data streams, and Bloomberg’s White Paper explains how companies can maintain preemptively identify potential issues and opportunities, which have a direct impact on company revenues.

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