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Future Designs, Inc. 12.1″ Resistive Touch Screen LCD Module - ELI121-CRW

A 12.1" XGA LCD with 4 wire Resistive Touch Screen with an intelligent control system

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Easy LCD Interface (ELI) quickly adds a 12.1" XGA LCD with 4 wire Resistive Touch Screen and an intelligent control system to your product. Thanks to the HDMI connector, prototyping is as easy as connecting the HDMI cord and can be transferred to production with no effort. This is a cost effective commercial solution.

ELI offers users a family of simple plug and play display solutions for ARTIK. ELI only needs an HDMI video input, a 12VDC power supply, and USB interface for the touch screen.

ELI takes the frustration out of embedding a touch screen display into your product. Desktop monitors aren’t well suited for embedded products and bare glass LCD’s present significant design challenges and schedule delays to typical customers. ELI provides an off-the-shelf solution with no NRE or development costs, and full support from our team of US based engineers or any of our franchised distributors.

Production guaranteed: Until 2028

Tech Specs

Screen size


Touch Screen

4-Wire Resistive

Display Type


Touch Screen Interface

USB Device

Brightness (nits typ)


Contrast Ratio (typ)


Surface Finish




Touch Panel Force (gF max)


Display Interface Input Mode


Active Area (in mm) (WxH)

245.76 x 184.32

Response Time (ms typ)

16 tf + rf

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