Learn how Breezie is transforming healthcare using interoperable IoT

Breezie Case Study

We’ve been providing with you the resources and tools to build interoperable IoT solutions, and now we’d like you to see how a real company leverages the power of Samsung ARTIK Cloud to simplify their development and shorten their time to market.

Breezie, a digital health company, utilized open, interoperable IoT platforms to launch a new wireless solution for senior care and to enhance interconnectivity throughout the healthcare industry.

In this case study, you will see how Breezie discovered an opportunity to transform healthcare support for older adults, identified the challenges of building an interoperable IoT solution, and why they selected the Samsung ARTIK and T-Mobile IoT platforms to productize their vision for happier, healthier senior living.

What's inside?

  1. Breezie company overview
  2. Opportunity to change lives through digital health and IoT
  3. Challenges of developing an IoT solution in the Healthcare industry
  4. Importance of a HIPAA compliant platform
  5. Benefits of ARTIK Cloud
  6. Breezie open solution powered by Samsung ARTIK Cloud and T-Mobile
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Resource 051d67b6b871b6ca5f72745b0fb3b2058bd4d1a5accc76f617dffafcf8e0183b

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