Explore the challenges of developing a market-ready IoT solution

Build vs. Buy: The IoT Dilemma
10 Key Questions to Guide Your IoT Development Strategy

It's easy to get excited about the promise of the Internet of Things (IoT). But translating that excitement into real live IoT products and solutions that delight customers is anything but easy.

In fact, it's really difficult because the problem is inherently complex - an IoT solution spans hardware, software, cloud, security, applications, and big data analytics.

And yet, customers expect connected products that blend into their lives or business workflows.

In this eBook, we explore what it truly takes to build an IoT solution, and the questions device manufacturers must answer to determine the right approach for your organization.

What's inside?

  • IoT is a complex problem
  • Key capabilities of IoT solution
  • Connect and manage devices
  • Enable interoperability
  • Improve outcomes
  • Build vs. Buy considerations
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Resource 3476f72af397dd54d59e16068a8e96b91d19c57c07fb279a2c763063bd2f44a1

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