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SAMI and UCSF Picture Tomorrow's Healthcare

By ARTIK Cloud Team October 2, 2015
Have you heard? We partnered last year with researchers at University of California, San Francisco to bring new digital technologies like SAMI into medicine and academia. We call this collaboration the Digital Health Innovation Lab (DHIL), and we think this work has important long-term implications for advances in healthcare around the world. The following short ...

Pump Up Your Mind With Mental Fitness, Simband and SAMI

By Grit Team September 17, 2015
Imagine building “mental muscles” like you build muscles on your body. We at GRIT Research Institute are happy to introduce our Android application Mental Fitness, which trains “mental muscles” to improve your motivation and performance.   How do we build “mental muscles”? Mental Fitness utilizes the Simband and SAMI platforms to measure variation in heartbeats, ...

Keeping Devices and Data Secure in SAMI

By Oleg Gryb April 2, 2015
Not all IoT devices are equal when it comes to data sensitivity and fidelity. When a device is used to collect, analyze and transmit sensitive data to SAMI for further research and analysis, a number of security-related requirements must be met. The most important ones are arguably related to reliable device identification and authentication. The ...

Simband Talks to SAMI

By Kushal Vora February 17, 2015
A plethora of wearable wellness devices are and will be hitting the market in the coming days, and we all know it’s just the beginning. In this article, we’ll talk about how one such wearable device—Simband—enables continues monitoring and remote access to users’ data.
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