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Generate and test data in seconds with the Online Device Simulator

By ARTIK Cloud Team April 26, 2017
We’re excited to announce a brand-new addition to your lineup of tools: the Online Device Simulator. If you want to test a device type but don’t have an actual device to generate data, you can use the Online Device Simulator to simulate its output even without authenticating the device.

Your SAMI trials are now in session

By Ryan Kuo March 8, 2016
Today we’ll introduce you to a great feature that was recently added to the SAMI trial tools: sessions! What is a session? A session is a way for a trial administrator to record metadata along with trial data. For example, Andrea’s trial includes several participants all sending data from Simband to the trial. As the ...

See All the Standard Fields and Actions in SAMI

By Ryan Kuo August 6, 2015
What? The Developer Portal is evolving! Last month I gave you a tour of a revamped User Portal, with improvements in data export functionality, chart navigation and overall organization. This time, the Developer Portal gets a couple of lightweight additions that carry loads of helpful information. In order to write your Simple Manifest, you have ...

SAMI Faces Fitbit

By Ryan Kuo July 23, 2015
Fitbit devices have been available to SAMI for quite a while, but we made improvements in the last several months that we want to make sure you know about. From the beginning, SAMI has tracked the following Fitbit fields: step count, calories, time in bed and time asleep. Below you can see a few of ...

An Eye Toward Usability

By Ryan Kuo June 18, 2015
In case you didn’t notice, we happen to love UX improvements here at SAMI HQ. We think the flexibility and potential of SAMI is greatly focused by a front-end experience that anticipates what you need and gets you there efficiently. This is why we’ve just given the User Portal a facelift. Next to each device ...

Time to Show Off Your Apps and Devices

By Ryan Kuo June 12, 2015
Get ready, because there’s going to be a major site update soon. We are extending our portals to allow developers and users to browse all the device types and applications on SAMI in a friendly, searchable interface. We hope you are as excited as we are about this! We want you to hit the ground ...

iHealth Joins the Ecosystem

By Ryan Kuo May 29, 2015
Now on the burgeoning list of SAMI-connected devcies is the full range of iHealth products, which include blood pressure monitors, scales, glucometers and other fitness devices. Read on for the details. Here at the office, we ran our own tests with an iHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor. Back in the User Portal, we can ...

Why Weight? Here's Withings

By Ryan Kuo May 8, 2015
Recently we announced Jawbone integration with SAMI. You may have also noticed in our earlier Developing With SAMI tutorial series that Withings devices are also supported. We use these in development and wanted to share more information about the Withings fields in SAMI. Connecting the Withings device works as usual—a few clicks and authentication in ...

Say Hello to Jawbone

By Ryan Kuo May 5, 2015
We are pleased to announce that SAMI is now fully integrated with Jawbone APIs. This means you can connect a Jawbone UP to SAMI in the User Portal and access and visualize any of the device’s data. If you want to develop a SAMI application that utilizes Jawbone data, it’s easy—see how we did it ...

A GUI Update to the Developer Portal

By Ryan Kuo April 28, 2015
We made a major overhaul to a few screens in the Developer Portal last week. These changes reorganize how key information is presented, and give a substantially richer view of your applications and device types. Read this post to see what’s new! If you’re developing with SAMI, you have likely used the Developer Portal to ...
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