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Learning IoT Users' Habits with craft ai

By craft ai Team September 16, 2016
craft ai, the winner of the VIVA Tech hackathon hosted jointly by Samsung and Legrand, tells us how it used ARTIK, Legrand devices, and ARTIK Cloud's Rules functionality to build a smarter, better lighting system for smart homes.

M.A.D winner EDDI Systems on tackling California’s drought

By Team EDDI August 16, 2016
In the early months of the Samsung Makers Against Drought Challenge, we began our journey as a small group of friends who care deeply about solving global problems with technology.

Makers Against Drought winners announced!

By Fred Patton August 15, 2016
In 2015, we launched Makers Against Drought (M.A.D.), a challenge to makers all around the world to help solve the California water crisis with ingenuity and IoT technology. From over 500 ideas submitted from 57 countries, we chose the best, most interesting, and most well-thought out entries, and sent out Samsung ARTIK developer kits to start work. After several ...

Using ARTIK with MQTT

By ARTIK Team February 2, 2016
We have published a new tutorial on the documentation site that gives insight into how simple and straightforward IoT development can be on ARTIK. ARTIK as MQTT message broker describes configuring ARTIK as a message broker using the MQTT protocol, a lightweight standard that can be used over TCP/IP networks. We also use Node-RED to ...

Make an ARTIK Weather Station with libcurl and Node.js

By Wei Xiao October 15, 2015
This blog is the third article in our Weather Station series. In this post, we are going to introduce a few other ways to develop an IoT weather station for both native and web developers. You will want to read the previous two articles in the series Make an IoT Weather Station with SAMI and ...

ARTIK GPIO: Using Digital Outputs

By Fred Patton September 29, 2015
In our previous tutorial on building a weather station with ARTIK, Temboo and SAMI, we focused on the analog inputs provided by ARTIK. In this tutorial, we’re going to look at hooking up digital inputs and outputs. I like to have a fan on my desk, and while it’s easy enough to buy a small ...

Make an IoT Weather Station with ARTIK, Temboo and SAMI

By Wei Xiao September 8, 2015
If you follow the SAMI blog, you’ll remember Dan Gross’ tutorial to Make an IoT Weather Station with SAMI using off-the-shelf sensors and hardware together with Samsung SAMIIO. In round 2 of the Weather Station series, we are moving our development platform to ARTIK 10. We’ll also use the Temboo software library that comes preloaded ...

ARTIK unboxing series: CyberCode Twins

By ARTIK Team June 24, 2015
If you’re a tech geek like us, you know the joy that comes from opening up a new product and taking it out of the box for the first time. We even get a little jolt just watching other people unboxing stuff – especially when it happens to be a new ARTIK 10 module. It ...
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