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IoT Ecosystem

ARTIK Cloud's Featured Cloud Connectors for Health & Self Improvement

By Jeanine Jue March 20, 2017
In our previous post, we featured our new Cloud Connector for Foobot, which allows you to connect your Foobot to ARTIK Cloud by using its cloud as the data source. We are excited to announce five new Cloud Connectors for health and self improvement built by our ARTIK Cloud engineering team! Cloud Connectors allow you to add more devices ...

Samsung ARTIK Case Study - The Gateway

By Fred Patton October 26, 2016
In this case study, the team at describe why they chose the Samsung ARTIK 520 IoT module for their latest product, the Gateway.

APIs for the Interoperability of Things (IoT)

By Abhi Rele May 25, 2016
Today, the Internet of Things is largely a collection of devices and apps that don’t work together. We see a need to address two challenges that are critical to break down these silos and drive large-scale adoption of IoT among consumers and businesses: Enable device makers to securely expose their device data to other devices ...

Samsung ARTIK IDE Powered by Eclipse Che now available to IoT developers

By ARTIK Team April 27, 2016
IoT developers working with ARTIK have been asking us for a web-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to make development faster and easier. Today, we unveiled the Samsung ARTIK IDE Powered by Eclipse Che.

ARTIK and SAMI form an Integrated Smart Home

By Wei Xiao March 9, 2016
We recently posted a detailed look at our Smart Trash Cans demo. Today we’ll be discussing a related demo, which features an Integrated Smart Home using SAMSUNG ARTIK. For those new to the platform, we are introducing SAMSUNG SAMI (we like to call it “ARTIK’s Cloud”), Temboo, and the Arduino compatibility library for ARTIK. SAMI ...

Build a network of Smart Trash Cans with ARTIK

By Wei Xiao March 1, 2016
At CES 2016, we showcased a few tools that anyone can leverage for fast development on ARTIK boards. Here on the blog, we’ll walk you through those presentations in more detail. First up is our demo of Smart Trash Cans powered by ARTIK. For those new to the platform, we are introducing SAMI (we like ...

Weaved: When VPN, port-forwarding, and on-site IT staff aren’t an option

By WEAVED TEAM January 12, 2016
Editor’s note: In this guest blog, our friends at Weaved discuss their strategy for scaling communications with IoT devices for both development and production. The era of Internet of Things will be transformative, and with billions of devices “phoning home,” the change will be fundamental – as much as mobile messaging has impacted communications, or ...

Create IoT Applications with ARTIK and Temboo

By ARTIK Team November 30, 2015
Our partner Temboo has begun releasing a series of IoT application tutorials to use as starting points from which to build a wide range of connected products and services. The techniques shown can be used in projects from building management and smart cities to environmental and farming needs, and even manufacturing and logistics. The lightweight ...

IoT 101: Connectivity

By Kevin Sharp August 24, 2015
This is the first in a series of tutorials we’re calling IoT 101. Our goal is to provide an overview of the fundamentals with links you can follow for detailed information. Everything we’ll cover applies to developers of IoT devices and apps, whether or not you’re working with ARTIK. Let’s open with the most basic ...

Samsung IoT: 2020 and Beyond

By ARTIK Team July 21, 2015
For all of us at Samsung, the Internet of Things (IoT) is much more than a slick buzz phrase. It is a vision for the future. Last month at the Global ICT Summit in Tokyo, Samsung Electronics President and General Manager of Networks Business Youngky Kim gave a speech about Samsung’s vision for IoT. Kim ...
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