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Your questions about ARTIK Cloud, answered

By Yujing Wu July 25, 2016
Our recent talk at the Distinguished Speaker Series hosted by ACM Sacramento Chapter, Cloud-Centric Ecosystem Approach to address IoT Interoperability, received a lot of interest. Here, we share the slides from the presentation and highlights of the Q&A. Learn the answers to some commonly asked questions about ARTIK Cloud!

Display any data on ARTIK Cloud with LaMetric Time

By Gilles Mazars July 18, 2016
A couple of weeks ago, the ARTIK Cloud team found this cute device: LaMetric Time. It’s beautifully designed and looks very useful. There are not many physical connected objects, outside of the traditional watch/wristband, that can display information. We wanted to connect LaMetric Time to ARTIK Cloud and make it part of our big family of devices. LaMetric Time has been ...

Integrating SIGFOX data on ARTIK Cloud

By Nicolas Lesconnec July 11, 2016
Editor’s note: The following is a guest post from our partner SIGFOX, demonstrating an integration between its SIGFOX network and ARTIK Cloud. A couple of weeks before SDC 2016, we decided to build a simple demo showcasing the integration of data coming from the SIGFOX network to ARTIK Cloud. The end result looks like this: ...

Check out our new device APIs for Cloud Connector authorization

By Ryan Kuo July 5, 2016
We have published a pair of APIs that makes it easier for third-party applications to handle Cloud Connector devices. With these APIs, your application can trigger Cloud Connector device authorization without requiring a user to do so on the web. As a reminder, Cloud Connectors allow you to connect ARTIK Cloud to any existing cloud to which a third-party device ...

SmartThings Meets ARTIK Cloud

By Ryan Kuo April 8, 2016
Our partner SmartThings has arguably the most versatile and extensive network of appliances and devices for smart homes. And if you plan to attend Samsung Developer Conference 2016, you might have noticed that SmartThings is making a strong presence in the lineup of IoT panels and workshops. Today we want to walk through the official ...

Cloud Connectors: Build a Bridge Across Data Silos

By Ryan Kuo February 3, 2016
Today we are announcing a new SAMI feature that marks one more big step toward true device interoperability. We call this feature Cloud Connectors, and it is the easiest way for you to bring third-party devices into the SAMI ecosystem. Because many smart devices already send their data to a proprietary cloud, Cloud Connectors allow ...

SAMI and UCSF Picture Tomorrow's Healthcare

By ARTIK Cloud Team October 2, 2015
Have you heard? We partnered last year with researchers at University of California, San Francisco to bring new digital technologies like SAMI into medicine and academia. We call this collaboration the Digital Health Innovation Lab (DHIL), and we think this work has important long-term implications for advances in healthcare around the world. The following short ...

iHealth Speaks to SAMI and the Heart

By iHealth Team September 21, 2015
When we integrated our iHealth devices with SAMI, we knew we were taking a big step into the world of digital health and the Internet of Things. Today we want to share more about our vision for iHealth, your “tools for the heart.” Watch this video featuring Uwe Diegel, CEO of iHealth Europe, to see ...

Pump Up Your Mind With Mental Fitness, Simband and SAMI

By Grit Team September 17, 2015
Imagine building “mental muscles” like you build muscles on your body. We at GRIT Research Institute are happy to introduce our Android application Mental Fitness, which trains “mental muscles” to improve your motivation and performance.   How do we build “mental muscles”? Mental Fitness utilizes the Simband and SAMI platforms to measure variation in heartbeats, ...

Turn Data Into Insights With Medium One

By MediumOne Team September 2, 2015
Medium One combines real-time stream processing, built-in analytics and machine learning for enterprises to enable rapid prototyping and deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Our simple-to-use tools offer users fast time-to-market, even for complex, real-time applications. We have integrated our data intelligence cloud platform with SAMI data exchange, thus enabling SAMI developers to augment ...