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Getting Christmas-y with Samsung ARTIK and OpenCV

By Fred Patton December 15, 2016
In this tutorial, Wei extends our previous photo booth tutorial to add a Santa hat to the person being photographed. A Samsung ARTIK 710 plus OpenCV equals a fun project!

Quick ARTIK holiday project: Turn an old monitor into a stylish wall display

By Wei Xiao December 12, 2016
In this post, Wei Xiao shows you how to turn an ARTIK 710 and an old HDMI monitor into a Wi-Fi-enabled wall display.

The minimalist smart switch: Samsung ARTIK, IoTivity, and Tizen

By Fred Patton November 23, 2016
When Philippe Coval of the Samsung Open Source Group needs a smart switch, he doesn’t fool around. A demo he built recently shows the flexibility of Samsung ARTIK modules to adapt to the needs of the developer, rather than the other way around.  Phillipe started with a Samsung ARTIK 1020 IoT module. This is our ...

Building a photo booth with Samsung ARTIK 10

By Wei Xiao July 29, 2016
Here will show you how to build a voice-controlled photo booth by using ARTIK 10. We will use voice commands to trigger a camera and display the resulting photo on an HDMI display connected to the ARTIK 10.

Get ready! More highlights of SDC 2016

By ARTIK Team April 13, 2016
We are on the home stretch! There are just 15 days before this year’s Samsung Developer Conference 2016 and as promised, here is a sneak peek to the second half of the Samsung ARTIK activities we have planned.

Learn about ARTIK and IoT at SDC 2016

By ARTIK Team April 4, 2016
As we head into April, the countdown to Samsung Developer Conference 2016 begins! SDC 2016 attendees can look forward to technical sessions centered on IoT and featuring the Samsung ARTIK platform.

IoT has the spotlight at SDC 2016

By ARTIK Team March 21, 2016
This year’s Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) from April 27 - 28 promises to be two amazing days at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. ARTIK, along with partners like Canonical and Trustonic, will be there to showcase the latest in IoT innovations. In fact, there are more than a dozen sessions devoted to IoT at ...

Seeing through walls with Vayyar and ARTIK

By ARTIK Team March 7, 2016
There are many times when it would be extremely handy to be able to monitor activity in a room while maintaining the privacy of those in it. Someone in assisted living, for example, doesn’t want to feel there’s a camera watching at all times, but would like others to be alerted in case of a ...

Behind the Scenes with ARTIK at CES

By ARTIK Team January 15, 2016
Last week at CES in Las Vegas, Samsung hosted a private event to showcase ARTIK and Simband alongside some of our partners running all-new demos on ARTIK. Select customers were invited to spend some time off the show floor – away from the bustling crowds – at an invitation-only gathering in our multi-room suite at ...

Around the World With ARTIK

By ARTIK Team July 27, 2015
We’ve been taking a closer look at the applicants for our Makers Against Drought challenge, and we are very excited by the level of interest we have received from developers and makers around the world that want to compete to address the California water crisis. In fact, individuals from more than 120 countries worldwide have ...
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