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Event recap: North Carolina Internet of Things Developer Day

By Jeanine Jue January 10, 2017
We recently presented ARTIK Cloud at a Developer Day workshop hosted by NC RIoT. See our presentation slides and read an interview with NC RIoT Executive Director Tom Snyder about IoT and North Carolina.

Wrap-up: VIVA Tech Conference Hackathon

By Lydia Ping July 25, 2016
At last month's VIVA Tech hackathon, we challenged startups to build a smart home/building solution with Samsung ARTIK Cloud and Legrand smart panels. Here are the highlights of the hackathon.

Listening and Contributing to IoT DevCon 2016

By Oleg Gryb May 31, 2016
The ARTIK Cloud team has just returned from IoT DevCon 2016. As usual, our major purpose was to listen to industry trends, learn in order to generate new ideas, and contribute to the community by presenting our approaches to making IoT ecosystem interoperable and secure. Here are the slides Yujing Wu and I presented: Interoperability is ...

SDC 2016 Demo Overview

By Lydia Ping May 9, 2016
There were so many great demos in the Samsung ARTIK booth this SDC that we wanted to dedicate a special blog post just for them. Most of the ARTIK team’s booth space was dedicated to our partners who demonstrated how they use ARTIK to do amazing things.

Big Announcements To Come At SDC 2016

By ARTIK Cloud Team April 16, 2016
Hello! As you may have noticed, the SAMI blog has been a bit quiet lately. That is because the team is hard at work preparing for Samsung Developer Conference 2016, which spotlights all things IoT, as well as many new SAMI developments we’re very eager to share with you. This year, SDC 2016 will be ...

Event Recap: How Will We Fulfill the Promise of IoT?

By ARTIK Cloud Team January 29, 2016
We were honored to be a part of the big Tech in Motion event in the heart of San Francisco in December, alongside a number of industry leaders and amazing developers. Among the presentations was a keynote talk given by Jerome Dubreuil, Senior Director at SSIC and leader of the SAMI team. Tech in Motion ...

Your Questions About SAMI, Continued

By ARTIK Cloud Team November 20, 2015
We recently met up with developers at Mountain View and San Francisco to talk about SAMI and its device- and data-agnostic approach to IoT. At both events, Dr. Yujing Wu presented about SAMI device and application development and fielded questions from attendees. Below, find her slides and highlights from the Q&As. Open, Cloud Based Data ...

Event Recap: Leveraging Mesos to Manage Container Workloads

By ARTIK Cloud Team November 10, 2015
As an early adopter of Mesos and containerization, our DevOps team was delighted to take the stage at a meetup organized by Mesosphere, where Niranjan Hanumegowda, Dennis Lovely and Karthi Mohan talked about how we used Mesos, Docker and other services to transition into our agile IT environment. Read on to see the video and ...

Event Recap: Making Security Agile

By ARTIK Cloud Team November 4, 2015
Last week, Oleg and Sanjay from the SAMI security team were invited to speak at LASCON 2015 about our security automation. We were happy that the presentation was very well received! For everyone who missed the talk or wanted to follow up, here’s the full slideshow. In the talk, titled “Making Security Agile”, Oleg and ...

Your Questions About SAMI, Answered

By ARTIK Cloud Team October 7, 2015
Last week, the SAMI team’s Dr. Yujing Wu hosted a local meetup in Sunnyvale, CA for developers who wanted to learn more about SAMI and what makes it special. In this post, we share the slides from the presentation and highlights of the Q&A that followed. Read on! Open, Cloud Based Data Exchange Platform Eases ...