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Data Visualization

Check Out Table View

By Ryan Kuo April 7, 2015
The last time we talked about the User Portal, we took you through its Data Visualization tool, which dynamically renders charts from your data streams. Data Visualization recently got a small addition that brings it significant new functionality. The new Table View gives you an entirely different look at your data. If you want more ...

Problems and Potentials of Data Streaming in Real Time

By Lorenzo Pena February 26, 2015
Previously, we told you how we arrived at our streaming charts UI for the User Portal using D3.js. In this post, we will dig into how SAMI uses WebSockets to handle data streaming from device to browser, and the different parts that make this work. The amount of data that we can transfer from SAMI ...

The Road Toward a Streaming Charts UI

By Lorenzo Pena February 5, 2015
We’ve started to talk about how Data Visualization in the User Portal can help you develop applications that use SAMI’s diverse data sources with a user in mind. How do we display this data? What do we use to create the charts? Why did we do it that way? Charts are created with at least ...

Developing With SAMI: Making the Connection

By Yujing Wu January 21, 2015
This is Part 1 of a series of articles exploring the possibilities of SAMI from a developer’s perspective. In this article, we discuss how to connect a personal device to SAMI. Read Part 2: A Mobile App That Pulls Weight Data and Part 3: Let’s Bring Your Data Together Introduction SAMI is a data exchange ...

Opening the User Portal

By Ryan Kuo January 9, 2015
We’re excited to introduce the User Portal! We created this site to help SAMI users access their device data in a dynamic (more on this in a moment) and intuitive interface. The primary features of the User Portal are device management and the data visualization tool. On the dashboard, you can view your connected devices ...