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To Monetize IoT, Open the Black Box of Business

By Abhi Rele October 3, 2016
It’s scary when you think about how much business today runs on hope. We hope customers like the products we build. We hope customers are able to install them correctly. We hope they actively use them. We hope they don’t break down. For device manufacturers who make “things”, this hope introduces a high business risk. ...

Display any data on ARTIK Cloud with LaMetric Time

By Gilles Mazars July 18, 2016
A couple of weeks ago, the ARTIK Cloud team found this cute device: LaMetric Time. It’s beautifully designed and looks very useful. There are not many physical connected objects, outside of the traditional watch/wristband, that can display information. We wanted to connect LaMetric Time to ARTIK Cloud and make it part of our big family of devices. LaMetric Time has been ...

Check out our new device APIs for Cloud Connector authorization

By Ryan Kuo July 5, 2016
We have published a pair of APIs that makes it easier for third-party applications to handle Cloud Connector devices. With these APIs, your application can trigger Cloud Connector device authorization without requiring a user to do so on the web. As a reminder, Cloud Connectors allow you to connect ARTIK Cloud to any existing cloud to which a third-party device ...

ARTIK Cloud Rules: Make Your Devices Work Together

By Ryan Kuo June 17, 2016
ARTIK Cloud can start talking to your devices in seconds, generate insights from all these devices, and send them commands. You can design ARTIK Cloud to do things like detect fire and temperature. In this post, we’ll show you how to use one of its most powerful features: Rules. In just a handful of clicks, you can quickly and intuitively define Rules that trigger device Actions ...

DC/OS, A New Stage for Infrastructure Abstraction

By Jerome Dubreuil April 19, 2016
SAMI, Samsung’s platform for connected devices and IoT applications, has long been running its cloud infrastructure and continuous delivery pipeline with DC/OS components Mesos and Marathon as its foundation, with excellent gains in cloud resource optimization and in automation efficiency. As a matter of fact, we have been part of the early adopters who have ...

Why We're Excited About Mesosphere's Latest Container News

By ARTIK Cloud Team March 30, 2016
As you may know, we at the SAMI team are big fans of containers, having been one of the earliest adopters of Mesos and containerization in our development workflow.

Your SAMI trials are now in session

By Ryan Kuo March 8, 2016
Today we’ll introduce you to a great feature that was recently added to the SAMI trial tools: sessions! What is a session? A session is a way for a trial administrator to record metadata along with trial data. For example, Andrea’s trial includes several participants all sending data from Simband to the trial. As the ...

Using MQTT is as easy as 1, 2, 3

By Ryan Kuo February 24, 2016
SAMI just got another way of letting the data flow. We’ve just published instructions on using MQTT, a lightweight message protocol that has become an IoT standard. Due to its bandwidth and battery efficiency, MQTT is well suited for home automation, low-powered IoT devices such as wearables and remote sensors, and mobile apps. In our ...

Optimize IoT connectivity with subscriptions and notifications

By Ryan Kuo February 8, 2016
ARTIK Cloud’s promise to developers is that you can work freely with data regardless of the source or silo. We currently have Cloud Connectors that bridge third-party clouds with ARTIK Cloud, and we also have subscriptions and notifications functionality. This allows devices or clouds to subscribe to ARTIK Cloud and receive notifications whenever new messages or Actions are available. ...

Event Recap: How Will We Fulfill the Promise of IoT?

By ARTIK Cloud Team January 29, 2016
We were honored to be a part of the big Tech in Motion event in the heart of San Francisco in December, alongside a number of industry leaders and amazing developers. Among the presentations was a keynote talk given by Jerome Dubreuil, Senior Director at SSIC and leader of the SAMI team. Tech in Motion ...