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Develop an Android app to manage ARTIK Cloud Rules

By Yujing Wu June 16, 2016
This post updates our previous article to use the ARTIK Cloud endpoint and Java/Android SDK. Today we’re developing an Android app that can create and manage Rules for the user. With these Rules, a user’s flame detector can turn on/off the user’s smart LED light. The system in this article includes the fire detector and ...

DC/OS, A New Stage for Infrastructure Abstraction

By Jerome Dubreuil April 19, 2016
SAMI, Samsung’s platform for connected devices and IoT applications, has long been running its cloud infrastructure and continuous delivery pipeline with DC/OS components Mesos and Marathon as its foundation, with excellent gains in cloud resource optimization and in automation efficiency. As a matter of fact, we have been part of the early adopters who have ...

Why We're Excited About Mesosphere's Latest Container News

By ARTIK Cloud Team March 30, 2016
As you may know, we at the SAMI team are big fans of containers, having been one of the earliest adopters of Mesos and containerization in our development workflow.

How Mesos and Marathon Are Helping Us Reimagine IoT

By ARTIK Cloud Team December 22, 2015
Our friends at Mesosphere have published a case study today about our migration to containers and how this is aligned with our data-centric approach to IoT. Read on for the details! In his article, Derrick Harris writes the following about SAMI: The platform can accept data from pretty much any source, and SAMI-powered applications can ...

Event Recap: Leveraging Mesos to Manage Container Workloads

By ARTIK Cloud Team November 10, 2015
As an early adopter of Mesos and containerization, our DevOps team was delighted to take the stage at a meetup organized by Mesosphere, where Niranjan Hanumegowda, Dennis Lovely and Karthi Mohan talked about how we used Mesos, Docker and other services to transition into our agile IT environment. Read on to see the video and ...

Building a Weather Station with SAMI, ARTIK 10 and Temboo

By ARTIK Cloud Team September 8, 2015
A while back, we built a rudimentary weather station with an Arduino, Raspberry Pi and a few pieces of hardware, and showed how to use SAMI to collect the data quickly and easily. Today, over on the ARTIK blog, we’ve upgraded the project to replace the Arduino and Raspberry Pi with an ARTIK 10 developer ...

Containers for IoT-Scale Workloads: Part 2

By Niro Hanumegowda July 13, 2015
Last week we introduced some of the challenges in providing a solid, secure and agile IT environment for a modern IoT service like SAMI. Today we’ll explore how we addressed these issues in our transition to Mesos and Docker. Read Part 1 of this article. From the get-go, we decided to build an automation pipeline, ...

Containers for IoT-Scale Workloads: Part 1

By Niro Hanumegowda July 7, 2015
Every few years, a new technology comes along that revolutionizes the way we work in IT. Ten years ago it was virtualization, which paved the way for cloud-based services and computing. Now, it’s all about containers and the vibrant ecosystem they are creating. In this two-part series, we will show how we manage and run ...

Introducing SmartThings OpenCloud

By ARTIK Cloud Team May 19, 2015
Last week at IoT World 2015, SmartThings founder and CEO Alex Hawkinson and Samsung Electronics President and CSO Young Sohn debuted SmartThings OpenCloud, a software and data aggregation service powered by SAMI. OpenCloud complements the new ARTIK family of IoT modules, which include SDKs for SAMI connectivity. See Young’s keynote from the event. SmartThings OpenCloud ...

Make an IoT Weather Station with SAMI

By Dan Gross April 30, 2015
Read an updated version of this post using ARTIK Cloud. This article demonstrates using SAMI with simple, off-the-shelf sensors and hardware. Specifically, we will be gathering climate data from a low-cost temperature sensor and relaying that data to the cloud via SAMI APIs. From there, we can analyze our collected data in real-time or historically. This ...
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