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Transform Connected Product Data into Actionable Insights

By ARTIK Team July 18, 2017
Looking at the use and importance of analytics in the web, mobile application and social spaces, it is evident that data-driven decision-making is a crucial factor in determining the competitiveness and relevance of today’s companies. Most websites, mobile applications and social engines – new and existing – have analytics as an integral part of their ...

Anodot Business Incident Detection with ARTIK Cloud

By Lydia Ping December 8, 2016
 Editor’s Note: We have known the Anodot team for a few years, and have been following the development of their product closely. If you have ever looked at logs or long lists of recordings, you know how hard it is to spot slight variations, or even major anomalies efficiently. In the world of massive quantities of ...

How We Built a Fire Detector in Minutes With SAMI

By ARTIK Cloud Team August 26, 2015
If you were at the SAMI Developer Meet-up, you’re sure to remember the impressive live demo that Luc and Yujing gave. In a handful of minutes, they connected an IoT device to SAMI on the fly, the IoT device detected a lighter flame, and this triggered a siren that was also connected to SAMI. We’ve ...

Developing With SAMI: Give Your App a Brain

By Yujing Wu May 27, 2015
We add a data analysis backend server to the iOS app built in the Developing with SAMI series. This post shows how SAMI enables third-party applications to perform effective analytics on data from diverse sources and users. This article reads from top to bottom, but you can also skip to your preferred section: Introduction High-level ...
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