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Arduino Loves ARTIK at Maker Faire Rome

By Lydia Ping November 7, 2016
In this guest post, the Arduino team recounts their time at Maker Faire Rome, where 60,000+ attendees walked through their booth.

How DewH2O tackles the California drought with Samsung ARTIK

By DewH2O September 6, 2016
We invited Makers Against Drought Challenge finalist Dew to tell us more about their project, DewH2O, and how it will help with the California drought.

M.A.D winner EDDI Systems on tackling California’s drought

By Team EDDI August 16, 2016
In the early months of the Samsung Makers Against Drought Challenge, we began our journey as a small group of friends who care deeply about solving global problems with technology.

Wrap-up: VIVA Tech Conference Hackathon

By Lydia Ping July 25, 2016
At last month's VIVA Tech hackathon, we challenged startups to build a smart home/building solution with Samsung ARTIK Cloud and Legrand smart panels. Here are the highlights of the hackathon.

Samsung ARTIK London Workshop wrap-up

By ARTIK Team June 27, 2016
Editor’s note: Charlotte Dawson, from our friends at Catchy Agency was kind enough to join us at our recent London developer workshop. She sent us this wrap-up of the event. Thanks, Charlotte! I headed back to London again for the second time last week, for a different kind of event: an intimate 30-person workshop aimed ...

SDC 2016 Demo Overview

By Lydia Ping May 9, 2016
There were so many great demos in the Samsung ARTIK booth this SDC that we wanted to dedicate a special blog post just for them. Most of the ARTIK team’s booth space was dedicated to our partners who demonstrated how they use ARTIK to do amazing things.

SDC Day 2 Wrap-up

By Kevin Sharp April 29, 2016
In this SDC Day 2 wrap-up, we focus on the many technical sessions presented at SDC. Video links included!

SDC Day 1 Wrap-up

By Kevin Sharp April 28, 2016
A wrap-up of opening day of the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC), complete with the Samsung ARTIK Cloud announcement, some cool tools, and of course, the opening keynote.

Meet the M.A.D. Challenge Finalists

By ARTIK Team April 27, 2016
Last May, the Samsung ARTIK team launched its first ever Makers Against Drought (M.A.D.) Challenge, and now we are excited to share the results with you.

IoT has the spotlight at SDC 2016

By ARTIK Team March 21, 2016
This year’s Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) from April 27 - 28 promises to be two amazing days at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. ARTIK, along with partners like Canonical and Trustonic, will be there to showcase the latest in IoT innovations. In fact, there are more than a dozen sessions devoted to IoT at ...
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